BBH Udala. City Council

This working line encompasses all actions that may be implemented on the City Council’s initiative with the aim to incorporate the Charter’s value to municipal actions like events, sport activities, plans or projects. In the months to come the following actions will be undertaken:

  • Launching of an Open Day, oriented towards learning and knowing values, with renowned people who may serve as a reference point for values.
  • Incorporation of the spirit of the Charter of Values and execution of related projects into spaces addressed for children and adolescents like haurgune, kidegune, gaztegune and other programmes, with the aim to deploy and highlight these values among children and young people.
  • Drafting of a specific programme to sensitize and foster values among adolescents through modern tools that may rise their interest.
  • Safeguarding and intergenerational transmission of values through representative stakeholders in each of the city’s neighbourhoods and in the city as such
  • Recognition, socialization and highlighting of values in sports in general,
  • And also in sporting events in particular, and in any other which may take place in the city, like for instance Aste Nagusia
  • Mainstreaming of the spirit of the Bilbao Values Charter in the ordinary life of the city, through plans such as: Health Plan, Environmental Strategy, Strategic Plan of Sport and other actions under Bilbao Gazte, Urban Planning, Refurbishment and Renewal, Protection of the Architectural, Urban and Archaeological Heritage or the creation of public meeting points and vicinity facilities which facilitate inclusive, egalitarian and shared coexistence.