Bilbao Charter of Values

Bilbao, City of Values is a project whereby a space for analysis, discussion, reflection and collaborative work has been created among institutions, social and cultural entities as well as sporting bodies, companies, media, schools and citizens with the aim to foster a framework of shared values in the city of Bilbao.

After a process of citizen participation, the Plenary of the City Council approved the Bilbao Charter of Values on March 22, 2018.

The Bilbao Charter of Values encompasses the following 17 individual and collective values:

  • Respect for Human Rights, Social Justice, Gender Equality, Solidarity
  • Diversity/inclusion, Commitment, Environmental Sustainability
  • Participation, Trust, Creativity, Coexistence, Identity, Effort
  • Co-responsibility, Honesty, Enthusiasm, Health

The Charter of Values encompasses the possibility that neighbors, institutions, companies and entities may adhere. Adherence implies assuming the commitment to maintain, foster and promote attitudes and behaviours in accordance with the content of the Charter.

In order to adhere, this form must be completed.