Why? What for? Background What is Bilbao Balioen Hiria?

Bilbao Balioen Hiria is a Project which aims to create a workspace for analysis, discussion, reflection and collaborative work among institutions, social entities, companies, media, schools and citizens to foster and develope a framework of shared values in the city of Bilbao of.

Which are the values of the city of Bilbao? Survey

As a starting point for discussion and reflection, a survey was conducted on the attributes that represent the essence of Bilbao and those that should represent it, in the citizens’ view. Additionally, values linked to what citizens in Bilbao think, feel and do, have been analyzed.

Some twenty questions were asked to a sample of 1.200 people through telephone interviews in July 2016. Representative quota groups by sex, age and social class were used. For a confidence level of 95.45%, the error margin of the sample was +-2.89%.

Values Vademecum Which values?

In order to facilitate the analysis, discussion and reflection about the situation of values in our city and for ease of comparability with similar values studies elsewhere, we have sorted the endless list of existing values in a Decalogue: Respect for Human Rights, Solidarity, Participation, Trust, Creativity, Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability, Commitment, Social Justice and Diversity. Each value has been shortly defined with pedagogical and didactical purposes, and linked to the everyday behaviour of the citizens, social entities and the City Council.