BBH Agiria. Values Charter

The aim of this core area is to cherish, disseminate and mainstream the Bilbao Values Charter. Projects designed to mainstream and disseminate the values Charter among the city’s residents and social stakeholders, along with the others aimed at sharing the experience, and initiatives with other cities of the world, will be promoted.

  • Dissemination of the Bilbao Values Charter and promotion of adherence in all forums attended.
  • Linking the Charter to the UN Sustainable Development Goals established in the 2030 Agenda,
  • Adherence to the European Charter to Safeguard Human Rights
  • Translation of the Charter to the most important languages in the city so that it can eventually be disseminated.
  • Drafting of a report at the end of the current legislation period where all actions undertaken in this Plan to Develop Values will be included
  • Mainstreaming of the Bilbao Balioen Hiria Project and Bilbao Values Charter in the State Network of Educating Cities (RECE)